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Refurbished laptops can be a very good deal.  These laptops are return items for some reason and have had any defective parts replaced with new parts so that they work like new again.  These are not used computers.  They were returned before being used by the customer.

Some were just overstock items in the retail stores and returned to the manufacturer.  Some might have been damaged in shipping and when they were returned to the manufacturer the damaged parts were replaced with new parts.

To get a good deal on a refurbished laptop you need to use the same buying tactics that you would use in buying a brand new laptop.  First don’t overbuy for your needs.  If you need a laptop to simply surf the internet and maybe do a little word processing, then you don’t need to buy a high-end computer that was designed and built for gaming. 

You might also swap or chose different options to save some money.  Maybe you sacrifice a larger hard drive or less memory to get a model that can cut the price some for you.  You might also save some money by getting a smaller monitor size or give up the video cam if you don’t really have a need for one.

You might want to go to a retail store and explain to the salesman exactly what it is you intend to use your laptop for and let that person show you their recommendations of laptops that would fulfill your needs.  Then you can look for those particular models in a refurbished laptop.

If you are a college student short on funds, a cheap refurbished laptop might be the way to go in order to save you some money for other things.

If you are a parent buying your child their first laptop that you are not sure they will even use, then buying a cheap refurbished laptop is defiantly a good option.

If you have narrowed your search down to two or three brands or models then you might want to look at the reviews by other customers on a site like Amazon to help you narrow down which unit will be your final selection.

There are a lot of stores on the net where you can purchase a cheap refurbished laptop, including the manufacture’s website where you can buy directly from the manufacture.

You can usually find good deals at Amazon.com. They are a reliable company and have a reliable return policy. Ebay.com also offers some good prices on refurbished laptops and computers and likewise is a reputable site.










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