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What makes a laptop cheap?  Is it the manufacturer, the amount of memory, the size of the hard drive or maybe even the condition of the laptop?

Well, it can be a little bit of all of these things.  Certainly some manufacturer’s products are cheaper than others.  In some cases you are paying for the popularity of the brand name and not the features you are getting on your laptop.

Laptops with less memory and smaller hard drives may offer you a cheap laptop deal.  Or, they may have fewer other features, such as, no read write DVD drive or less USB ports.

Laptops come with different size monitors that make a difference in the price.  They also come in different weights.  If you travel a lot then the weight of the laptop will make a big difference to you.  Same thing for size; if you are a traveler then you may opt for a smaller version.

You can also get some cheap laptop deals by purchasing a used or refurbished laptop.  HP is one manufacturer that offers a refurbished laptop with a 90 day warranty.  These are not used laptops.  They are ones that have been returned to the manufacturer for some reason and have been restored to good working condition for re-sale.  They may have simply been overstocks by the merchant and had nothing wrong with them to begin with.

Or, they may have has some damage during shipping and after the damaged part was replaced they are as good as new again.  But, they are a lot cheaper.

Another option for getting a cheap laptop deal is to purchase a used one.  You might get this from a friend or co-worker who wants to upgrade.  Kind of like buying a house; you just have a move-up seller.  Keep in mind that you might need to upgrade the operating system depending on how old the laptop or notebook is when you purchase it.

In addition, there are many places online to buy notebook computers that are used.  Often times these have been cleaned of all unnecessary or un-licensed products and may even have the operating systems upgraded for you.  Usually these will also come with some kind of warranty.

Why would want to buy a cheap laptop or notebook?  Well, obviously because they are cheap, but also because you may not plan to use it for long.  Maybe you are waiting on the some new version of the operating system to come out; like Microsoft’s Windows 7 and you just want something cheap to get by with until you can purchase what you really want when it is available. 

Another reason might be that you are buying it for your child and you don’t know if they are really going to use it, so why spend a lot of money until you are sure.  Kind of like, don’t buy the piano, until they take some lessons and you see if they have talent.

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